The Shocking Truth about Solicitor’s Offices

… and 3 reasons why sanitiser is crucial for solicitors

  1. Warm Reassuring Handshake

People are coming to solicitors when they have problems and looking for someone who they trust to take their pain away. So an informative meeting started with a warm reassuring handshake is unavoidable. Which means that the germ from the other persons hand is spreading to your hand and then eventually to everything you touch.

  1. Large case files

Their problems usually involve paperwork and piles of document. As their case moves on the pile is getting bigger and bigger; which also means more and more space for the germs to live and spread.

  1. Room Temperature

Solicitors spend a lot of their time sitting, reading and researching. Generally speaking if you are working at your desk for hours you will feel cold even if the room temperature is above average (and also if you are not a solicitor). A nice warm office environment is a danger zone as germs spread faster.

But is it enough for you to just use sanitiser?

I’m afraid not.

Unless your surrounding is cleaned by a professional cleaning company that eliminates these issues and carries out regular deep cleans you are…well, you are simply surrounded by germs.

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