Changing your cleaning provider: a simple guide

Changing the commercial cleaning provider is usually at the bottom of the list for many businesses, not to mention the contractual and legal questions it may raise. This article will guide you through the main steps, what to check in a new provider and gain a general understanding of the industry.

Why you make the change?

The most common reasons when a business start looking at new options is usually service quality or cost but it’s even more likely that it’s the combination of the two. Cleaning is unquestionably a necessary expense and crucial part of running an effective business. Nonetheless, good value for money is a key principle in the commercial cleaning sector and you need a company who understands the delicate balance where satisfaction will be measured in service levels and invoice statements.

The Cleaning industry

The commercial cleaning sector has been considered an extremely competitive market and as a matter of fact, it is extremely unregulated where illegal work and underpaid female workers are widely accepted, hence many new players enter the market with low prices. There is more and more awareness of health & safety, minimum wage and TUPE Regulations; the later may or may not apply to your new arrangement.

Nonetheless, with new regulations affecting the cleaning industry and with Brexit unsettling recruitment many cleaning businesses struggle to retain continuous service and maintain their marketing promises.

Making an informed decision

Google Maps will help you with a quick focused search and don’t be afraid of widening your geographical area as many companies work in a 10+ miles radius of their registered address. Always read some of the customer reviews and check the dates to see that they’ve been running for a few years. Click on the website to see what their team look like and their achievements or awards they may have.

Chose a shortlist of three companies and do a quick individual search: whether they are members of any affiliated organisations, check their Companies House profile as well as their social media.

People buy from people

Invest a bit more time and meet your shortlisted cleaning companies for a site visit. It also provides an unmissable opportunity to recognise any cleaning service improvements that can be made. Some companies might provide you a quote based on a job specification but don’t commit yourself without having a feel for the company; who picks up the phone and what’s their response time to emails.

Your biggest enemy is assumption

After your research and personal meeting you are tempted to make a decision without checking the small print. But remember, you wish to find a long-term solution not just a new cleaning company so check that your new service provider checks all the boxes. It’s best to ask your questions before you commit to a long contract and make sure that the company you choose knows as well as follows the law.


There are many factors to consider before committing to your new commercial cleaning provider. It is important to understand the reasons why you wish to change because significant improvements only occur where a structured cleaning plan is implemented and your new arrangement reflects a supportive and legitimate business environment. It is essential to consider this when choosing your new provider.