Detox your house after holidays

Detox your house after summer holidays

As a mum of two young children I know how average UK house looks like after a long six weeks of summer holidays. We usually go abroad of course for a week or two but the rest of that time kids are indoor painting, glueing, sticking, using glitter, playing play dough, magic sand and what not.

All this always ends up where it’s not supposed to! Also kids always love to invent new places to sit and do their artwork. It’s never on a table. Oh no! Usually the best place to paint and do some sticking is on a sofa or under the table. What you are left with at the end of the day is sticky hands marks on a wall, windows, glitter on a carpet, paint and glue on chairs.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a house with a garden I am sure you are aware how kids and pets love to run inside suddenly on your freshly vacuumed carpet or moped floor bringing all sort of things on their little feet / paws / you name it: sand, mud or dried grass.

Your home feels like a war zone at times but do not fear solution is at hand!

Solution #1:

You can sort it all out yourself by vacuuming as much as you can, wiping and moping the whole area, cleaning windows inside and out but all this can make you feel exhausted. A very good tip is to teach your children to help you with all those tasks. Trying to get them involved as much as possible and making tidying up fun. It may take longer than expected but it teaches them a valuable lesson.

Solution #2:

If time is something that you don’t have or you would rather do something else instead, let the Speclean team do their magic during your weekly clean, or arrange a one off clean, upholstery clean, carpet clean or inside and outside window clean. All our cleaners are highly experienced, DBS checked.


Written by Ula Wilson (Office Manager at Speclean)