Ways to Speclean with citric acid

#1 clean your kettle

… by filling your kettle halfway and adding 50g (approx. 2 tablespoons) of citric acid. Boil the water and leave until you see the limescale cleared up from the internal parts. Rinse thoroughly.

#2 clean your toilet

… by preparing a mixture of 2 litre water and 100g citric acid and pouring the mixture down your toilet and let it stay there for as long as possible. Giving it a quick brush or scrub will improve the effect.

#3 eco-friendly limescale remover

… using a mixture of mixture of 1 litre water and 50g citric acid in a spray bottle the same way as you would use any other bathroom cleaner product. Using hot water can increase the effect.

*Not suitable on brass and natural stone

#4 clean your washing machine

… by pouring 200g of citric acid into the drawer and running a 60C cycle. You can also wash your cleaning cloths with citric acid to disinfect after use.

# 5 clean your dishwasher

… by pouring 200g of citric acid into the detergent tablet container and to the base of the empty machine and running a normal cycle. You can also descale cloudy glassware with some citric acid.

#6 clean your coffee machine

… by preparing a mixture of 1 litre of water and 25g (1 tablespoon) of citric acid, filling into the water tank and running an empty cycle. Rinse thoroughly.

*always check the instructions before use