Proud winner of Richmond Business Awards 2017

Richmond Business Awards 2017
Richmond Business Awards 2017

Excellence in business across the London borough of Richmond was celebrated at the Twickenham Stadium. To enter the awards the businesses needed to do significant work in the borough. Speclean, a successful cleaning company in South West London, and Andrea Vida, the director of Speclean, a British-Hungarian entrepreneur, were awarded winner in two categories at the Richmond Business Awards 2017.

What impact have Speclean had on the cleaning industry to become winner on this award?

Richmond Business Awards 2017

In just over a decade Speclean have achieved a professional status in a low skilled industry where quality service used to be dominated by franchises and faceless larger entities. Nonetheless, Speclean made the conscious decision to develop a personal online presence to show the people behind the logo.

The company had a positive impact on the cleaning industry because they continuously extend their base of knowledge beyond cleaning procedures and look at the organisation as a business structure. Speclean excel in bringing vibrant individuals together who can effectively contribute to team efforts through their divers background characteristics and therefore help the business to adapt to an ever changing economy by keeping their loyalty to high level of service.

What were the goals when the business started and has the business vision changed?

 The founders always focused on a few basic values that gave the company the groundwork for the years ahead and Speclean’s value proposition is to offer high quality cleaning services that are personalised to customer needs in a legitimate business environment.

The team successfully combined academic knowledge and down to earth practical thinking that filters down into the current company structure and Speclean now represents credibility and integrity on all fronts for customers, cleaners and other stakeholders.

Did the company have to break industry barriers?

As a matter of fact, the cleaning industry is extremely unregulated where illegal work and underpaid female workers are widely accepted, hence many new players enter the market with low prices. It is unlikely to change considerably in the foreseeable future; consequently, Speclean had to take precautions and maximize their resources so the company stand out on this crowded market.

Building trustworthy relationships and reach a high level of customer satisfaction takes significant time and resources. Many still use cash-in-hand cleaners while others hire an overpriced franchise. Making potential customers aware of Speclean’s value proposition and the added benefits of using Speclean is the key to success.

Richmond Business Awards 2017