Cleaning Tips

How to keep the house clean?

We all love a tidy home but hardly any of us like to clean it. How to reconcile these two things? Cleaning requires organisation and regularity in order to be effective, and if we approach it in a rational rather than emotional way, there is a chance that it will no longer be a chore.

Here are a handful of ideas:


  1. Limiting the number of things in the house: we all collect knick-knacks, books, holiday souvenirs, various photos frames and place them on shelves, cupboards and chests of drawers. Getting rid of or at least hiding some of these little things will not only clean the space, calm our surroundings, but most of all will avoid constant wiping, dusting, vacuuming and taking care of them.


  1. Focus on one activity: when you start washing the dishes, wash them all, and don’t leave a few pots and pans for later. When you come back from the supermarket, put the items away in the fridge or cupboards, and don’t leave your bags in the kitchen for hours and hours. When you start something, (aim to) finish it and then move on to something else.


  1. Dividing the responsibilities: it is worth teaching children to clean from an early age. Under-fives can successfully put toys away into their boxes/containers. Older children can take rubbish away (they can be even better at recycling than adults), wipe the window sills or fold their washed clothes and put them in the wardrobe (most of the time).


  1. Organisation of space: it is worth grouping, especially small items, and keeping them in specific places – then it will be easy for all members of the household to find them. There are plenty of boxes, baskets, containers available in shops, so it is worth stocking up and keep things in them: cosmetics, medicines, toiletries, phone chargers or handy tools. In the kitchen there is no need for an oversized food processor, blender and waffle maker on the countertop, if we don’t use them every day. They get easily covered with greasy dust and take up space.


  1. Doing several things at the same time: multitasking works perfectly in the kitchen. For example, when preparing dinner, you can wipe the fronts of the cabinets during breaks or wash tiles over the sink, or you can wipe the countertop while waiting for the water in the kettle to boil.


  1. Listening to music or podcast: if cleaning is the worst that you can imagine, try to approach it mechanically and keep your mind occupied with something more pleasant. Get wireless headphones to move freely around your home and tune in to your favourite music.


  1. Thorough deep clean: from time to time, however, the entire house needs to be cleaned more thoroughly. Then it will be useful to google ‘recommended cleaners near me’ and let professional cleaners do their magic. If you choose to have  weekly or fortnightly clean you can schedule these extra cleans 30 minutes each to keep on top of your deep clean. You can also enquire about carpet & floor cleaning / end of tenancy cleaning / window / one-off and upholstery cleaning. If you worry about Covid-19 safety and looking for a reliable team it is worth to know that our cleaners / housekeepers are trained, highly experienced and DBS checked. We have been working safely following all the latest Government guidelines.



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