The cleaning sector contributes over £8 billion pounds to the British economy every year. It provides a vital service to us all ensuring our homes, workplaces, schools and public spaces are clean, hygienic and pleasant to use.

Many workplaces now outsource cleaning to specialist firms as this provides safe, secure and easy option for employers.

Professionals as well as families have less and less time for chores and place more value on their leisure time, safety and comfort. Let’s not forget about our ageing population who requires more support with regular cleaning and housekeeping.

Cleaning and sanitising have always been important, but during the current pandemic, it’s more important than ever.

All the above factors have led to the significant expansion of the industry.

Why not choose Speclean Franchise as a proven business model in helping you to achieve a success?

Secure income

Earn between £20,000 and £50,000 per annum.

Easy and Regular Income

Customers pay directly into your bank account.

Decide Your Own Working Hours

YOU choose how much you would like to work. Fit your working hours around your life and not your life around your working hours!

No More Struggle to Find Work

Once you are part of the Speclean Franchise we will help you grow your OWN business with regular domestic, office and one off cleans.


To become a business owner you need to find out what your strength are and use them to your advantage. Why not take it one step further and combine them with our award winning operation to be even more successful? Get in touch and start the conversation to choose the right package for you. If you are eager for success and would like to explore what more you can achieve, we would love to welcome you into our Franchise family.

1. Complete the contact form

The first step is to compete the contact form so we can send you some information regarding available opportunities in your area and about the kind of work we offer.

2. Let's have a chat

Once you have read through the information we will contact you to answer your questions and discuss what arrangement would best fit your skills and your lifestyle.

3. Meet the Speclean team

We will arrange a suitable day for you to see how everything works, including operations, marketing and accounts and show a demo to the road to your future success.

4. Ready to start your business

Once we go through all the formalities and the paperwork you are ready to start your training and begin growing your business in your allocated area.

Contact us now and start working on your own business!