5 most basic questions most people never ask their cleaner…

Cleaning in progress signThe sun is out and most of us want to make the most of the British summer. But how is that possible if your ironing is piling up, the dust is settled on the surfaces, the shower is covered in limescale?

So you made the life changing decision of taking on a cleaner? You know very well that you need to ask a few vital questions before you let a stranger into your home. But even just asking one of the following questions would make most people uncomfortable.

Not to worry! You can turn it around by telling the cleaner when you call them: “I usually interview my cleaner first do you mind if I ask you a few essential questions?” Who would say “no” to that,


So here we go…


1. What’s your full name? 

Let’s put it this way: What would you say – if your grandma let someone into her home; even gave them her house key and she can’t even tell you their name?

2. How long you’ve been a cleaner for?

Do you really want the cleaner to practise on your precious home?


3. Do you work legally?

Most people are not aware that a lot of “freelance” cleaners are not registered for tax. It doesn’t matter whether you pay them cash or cheque; if they don’t pay tax it means you employ them so HMRC will go after you.


4. Could you give me a reference, please?

Meaning: has anyone been happy with your work?


5. Could you give me a list of materials and equipment you’ll need for the cleaning?

I know you’re tempted to ask this first but hold on… This not only shows whether they know what they are doing but nicely leads into telling them you want them to start.


Good luck with the above, but for a guarantee that all of the above is handled why not use SPECLEAN!!!