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Do you really need a cleaner for your office?

We have used Speclean for a couple of years now to clean our offices in Ewell. They are much better than any previous cleaners we have had, and reliable. Happy to recommend to anyone.

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Many people hire an office cleaner when they don't actually need one, meaning it's an unnecessary expense. You only really need an office cleaner if:

  • You want to look presentable to clients
  • You have people working in your office most days
  • You like to work in a clean and organised environment
  • You like to leave to go home on time
  • You want to utilise your staff's time more effectively, rather than paying them to clean

If the majority (or all) of the above points apply to you, then we can definitely help. The biggest benefit to using our services is that you don't have the hassle of dealing with the cleaner yourself. We are a cleaning company, so there is always someone to take responsibility higher up if there are any issues, providing you with a central point of contact. This means that you'll enjoy a clean, tidy and organised office, with the peace of mind that we're always behind the scenes making sure everything goes like clockwork.

The process and where to go from here

Generally we have a 3 step process which you can begin right now by filling in the form below.

  1. Enquiry - a potential client sends us a request for a quote.
  2. Initial consultation - this can be by phone, email or in person. We find out what your specific needs are and get an idea for the job.
  3. Quote - we send you an email with our quote, and then the decision is in your hands.

If you like the sound of what we offer and the service we provide, fill in the form below to start the process.

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