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From our experience in communal cleaning, we've met a lot of clients who have chosen our company because they have had various problems with other cleaners that they have used. One of the most common problems we've come across is that cleaners don't show up on a regular basis and as they are often freelancers, there's no-one higher in the chain to complain to or to take the responsibility.

The main benefit of using our company is that you have the same reliable cleaner in your property every week. You also have regular check ups by supervisors to ensure the cleaner is providing the level or service we expect from them, and if there is ever an issue there is a management team to take responsibility and, in extreme cases, find a replacement cleaner. This means that your property's communal area will always be clean and tidy, ensuring that your residents and tenants are kept happy.

The process and where to go from here

Generally we have a 3 step process which you can begin right now by filling in the form below.

  1. Enquiry - a potential client sends us a request for a quote.
  2. Initial consultation - this can be by phone, email or in person. We find out what your specific needs are and get an idea for the job.
  3. Quote - we send you an email with our quote, and then the decision is in your hands.

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