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What type of carpet cleaning do you need?

We provide two types of carpet cleaning for you to choose from - General Shampoo Cleaning and Dry Organic Cleaning.

General Shampoo Cleaning

This is a superficial clean which is used to spruce up and freshen up your carpets and eliminiates small surface stains. The general cleaning is a perfect time saver - why spend all day doing it yourself when you can pay a professional. This service is what you're after if:

- You want to freshen up your carpet and make it look presentable again.
- You want a good value for money, simple solution.
- You want a quick professional solution

Dry Organic Cleaning

This is a green, organic cleaning solution which uses no liquid and therefore has no drying/waiting time. It's suitable for any type of carpet or delicate fabric, and eliminates tough, deeper stains and allergens such as dust mites. This solution is for you if:

- You want your carpet to look brand new again
- You don't want to waste money on buying new carpet
- You have children or pets who will run around on the carpet straight away
- You have allergies or asthma

The process and where to go from here

Generally we have a 3 step process which you can begin right now by filling in the form below.

  1. Enquiry - a potential client sends us a request for a quote.
  2. Initial consultation - this can be by phone, email or in person. We find out what your specific needs are and get an idea for the job.
  3. Quote - we send you an email with our quote, and then the decision is in your hands.

If you like the sound of what we offer and the service we provide, fill in the form below to start the process.

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